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CNC Machining of Larger Diameter Precision Parts



Heartland is an ISO 9001:2008 certified CNC machine shop focused on larger diameter (2" to 42" turned and 2" to 30" milled) production parts weighing up to 1,000 lbs. Since 1997 we've worked with original equipment manufacturers in the machining of production runs that typically range from 5 to 100 parts but can exceed 1,000 parts. The majority of our work is turnkey outsourcing including raw material purchasing, machining, and subcontracting specialized services, leading to the delivery of complete parts or assemblies.  To learn more about our strategies to help customers reduce costs please review our Five Steps to Minimizing Costs in your Supply Chain document. 


Our precision machining capabilities including, Large Dimension CNC Milling Services, Large Diameter CNC Turning Services, and CNC Grinding Services supported by Metal Honing and Thread Rolling which provide the capability to machine parts up to 70" in length and 30" in height with tight tolerances down to +/-.0005" for machined parts and down to .0002" for honed and OD ground parts. Extensive experience has allowed us to develop a competitive advantage in machining aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steels, nickel superalloys (Inconel), titanium, and high temperature superalloys (Waspaloy).


With exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and market leading customer service we continuously meet the needs of customers in the oil & gas, aerospace, and compressor markets.  We strive to exceed our current customers expectations while looking to establish new mutually beneficial machining relationships.